Counter Eavesdropping

Tech Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

"If someone is listening in... you need to know!"

Has a confidential discussion been leaked?

Your private conversations are just that – private. But on occasions, circumstances may lead you to believe that you may be subject to ‘technical surveillance’ – otherwise known as ‘bugging’. This could be in the form of hidden microphones, cameras or GPS trackers.

Your requirement

C3IA has supported a wide range of cases, that have included:

Our teams are highly experienced and we operate a continuous training scheme for our operators, making sure no one in the team falls behind.

Assurance for you…

We have highly trained, ex-military operators who can sweep buildings or vehicles to find hidden and unwanted devices. If they find anything, they’ll advise you on how best to respond. Once your environment is clear, you’ll have the assurance you need to continue your business, whatever that may be in a secure and confidential manner

C3IA Operator

First Steps

It is important not to contact us from a device or location that you believe may have been compromised. Find a suitable alternative place/device to contact us from and we’ll help you from that point onwards.


"The C3IA consultants will always go above and beyond their standard Terms of Reference, to provide significant value beyond their contracted role, both on specific projects and for the wider team management. For example, SAC SQEP guidance has been fundamental in establishing a committee to better manage Information Security. Each of the consultants has a significant wealth of experience in the military and this is often brought to bear to provide additional utility."
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